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Is SBMM really working?

With all the updates and changes in season 4 do you think SBMM is working with low level average players? Well from experience I think it may be off as the many games played with kd below 1, it clearly is broken with the amount of players on 4kd+. Surely this should not be A thing right? You and your squad trying to rank up your kd and struggle to get a loadout as you have now been picked off by the sweatiest teams in the lobby, you were expecting to be on the same level but no your squad just gets wiped all over the floor like an old towel wiping up the mess that was there is now gone and you are ready to restart. Well not only the skills in the lobbies you also have the hackers that are patrolling Verdansk as if it’s theirs to keep and the amateu hackers on console with the chronus that gives them the upper hand.

Well that is the question is it working what’s your thoughts do you think activision will sort it out? Or shall we find the next best thing to Call of duty?

what do you think let us know give us a comment. Thanks

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