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Team MaWoW are bringing a League play call of duty league to you soon it will be a multiplayer league one month and a Warzone rebirth league the next month we are still in process of sorting how it will play but keep your eyes peeled ITS COMING SOON !!!!!

El33tgunner Breaking news !!!!

**Breaking news **

El33tgunner is now streaming on go and check him out and hot that follow and share button 

el33tgunner | Kick

Ladyclaire83 New streaming platforms

Ladyclaire83 is now streaming on different platforms she has branched out into DJ streams and streaming games on other platforms too go and check her out on:

Tik TOK : :  Ladyclaire83 | Kick 


ladyclaire1983 is this weeks featured member be sure to drop by and check her out ladyclaire1983 - Twitch

Sponsored by

MaWoW is sponsored by Rogue energy for discount at MaWoW as your code !!!!

Ladyclaire1983 announces

Ladyclaire1983 is proud to announce that she is now a pretzel rocks affiliate head to and add pretel-affliate-20 for your 20% discount

LADYCLAIRE1983 is Pleased to  announce !!!!

Ladyclaire1983 is pleased to announce that she is now a GamerWear ambassador. 

Gamer Wear is a gamer clothing and accessories brand focused on the gaming industry.

Our primary goal is to make money by helping others make money. We allow streamers to help monetize their customer base so that they can continue to afford the time to produce quality content (not easy with bills to pay). 

 All our products are eco-friendly and of the highest quality as we take steps to make sure we're part of the movement of the sustainable fashion movement. We do so by only printing and shipping orders as they are received which creates no excess inventory.  

Head too

Being Men and Women of War Gaming

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