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Team MaWoW Tournament Z League TONIGHT 20:00

Tonight Team MaWoW will be entering a rebirth Tournament tonight at 20:00

Check it out live on the following twitch TV accounts  

ladyclaire1983 - Twitch

firmxwolf15 - Twitch

xxladyloraxx - Twitch

EL33TGUNNER - Twitch


ladyclaire1983 is this weeks featured member be sure to drop by and check her out ladyclaire1983 - Twitch

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Sponsored by

MaWoW is sponsored by Rogue energy for discount at MaWoW as your code !!!!


**Breaking news **
I have decided to sign up to a 24 hour gaming/stream for charity. This will be happening the week commencing 19/02/22 I will post details closer to the time. I’m doing this for SANDS charity Which helps families who suffered the tragic loss of their baby before they have had the joy of them. This charity helps and comforts family who have suffered still births. This is close to my heart my best friend of 20+ years suffered this tragic loss with his little girl. I helped with coffin at her funeral and it was the most heart breaking thing I’ve ever had too do. However this 24 hour gaming / stream is my way on honouring her and the charity and doing my little bit for it I will post a schedule of games and times if any1 has request of games  they want me to play then please pm me but I will also be looking for players to join me in game like rebirth Warzone Fortnite fifa etc to help the stream and the time fly over haha I will post the just giving link closer to the date aswell and there will be a link on my live stream during this event so please drop in say hello chill for abit help a brother out and if u can donate every little helps don’t care if it’s 20p or £200 every little helps also for any1 who donates I’ll be giving away one item of my merch too then as a massive thank you. ## stay safe stay happy and have good stream TOON over and out 

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Ladyclaire1983 announces

Ladyclaire1983 is proud to announce that she is now a pretzel rocks affiliate head to and add pretel-affliate-20 for your 20% discount

Coming Monday 15th NOVEMBER on discord

We at Men and Women At War gaming are planning on introducing a #featured members channel which will be live in a few days, and in order to become feature you will need to support other live members, and post that you've supported them in the 🔼-boost-your-support section here is the promo for the #featured channel. 

P.S. please make sure you invite your friends other supporters and other gamers, we are more than just a twitch group we want a healthy community that come together, play, support and have fun so share the discord group and expand the Army!

Rainbow Keyboard

LADYCLAIRE1983 is Pleased to  announce !!!!

Ladyclaire1983 is pleased to announce that she is now a GamerWear ambassador. 

Gamer Wear is a gamer clothing and accessories brand focused on the gaming industry.

Our primary goal is to make money by helping others make money. We allow streamers to help monetize their customer base so that they can continue to afford the time to produce quality content (not easy with bills to pay). 

 All our products are eco-friendly and of the highest quality as we take steps to make sure we're part of the movement of the sustainable fashion movement. We do so by only printing and shipping orders as they are received which creates no excess inventory.  

Head too


After much hard work we have now got a new discord community. we are looking for people to join. There are many discord communities out there why join this one? well we have set it up so that there are not loads of strict rules and so that you can join to be supported and support others. Streamers find it hard to Grow their community and viewers so this is where this helps. You have the opportunity to become a GOLD member and have benefit of being posted live automatically and be part of a community that supports each other. There will also be GIVEAWAYS so watch this space!!!!

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