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Staff and Moderators

Our Staff

Our team is made up of some extremely talented and dedicated players who compete to reach individual goals as well as targets we set as a collective. Read on to learn more about the members on our roster.

Staff and Moderators: Roster

Claire Dunham

Owner and "Founder"

38 Year old female, Founder of Men and Women of war Gaming. Started streaming last year for fun whilst suffering with mental health issues. Streaming helped me through my tough time. Wanted to create a group and community to help support each other as finding viewers and support streaming is hard. I was joining groups that had way too many rules and were not fun to be a part of so decided to set this group up hoping it would help streamers and grow to be a community to be a joy to be part of. I am a paramedic in real life and enjoy gaming.


Lora Azevedo


Female gamer, sister to Claire and co-founder of the MaWoW group. Enjoys gaming has two children. Deputy manager of a care home in real life.


Junior Azevedo


Part time old school gamer from the 80’s.

Play for fun delivering content on Call of duty Warzone and all other franchises. Co-founder of the MaWoW group. Customer Services Manager In real life. Husband to Lora and has two children. 

Follow Joker_suave1 on twitch


Jamie Fowler


Hi everyone, I’m Jamie (FirmXwolf15) I’ve been playing with the MaWoW team for nearly 2 years. And i am also a Co-founder of the Group. When I’m not online I work on a stud farm when in not working I’m looking after my son with my partner Shelby (XxMissShelbixX). I play mainly call of duty warzone but also play farming simulator now and again. I stream on twitch when I am online twitch name is firmxwolf15 come over and watch my stream.


Shelbi Davis


Hi everyone, I’m Shelby I’ve only really just got into gaming I used to game a lot when I was In school used the play the classics on PlayStation then just grew out of it started playing rugby. I have only just started playing call of duty with the MaWoW crew 🥰 but Jamie (firmXwolf) has been playing since I met him. When I’m not playing I’m looking after my little boy Finley and Jamie 😂 love to play with some of you some time 😊 x


Tony Maddock


Originally started my Call Of Duty career on WW1 but it wasn’t until Black Ops 4 that I really got into it! Blackout and League Play was my preferred modes and where I found my passion for the Call Of Duty Pro League. I mainly play COD Warzone & Cold War at the moment.
I stream daily 7pm+ (GMT). Monday - Sunday constant COD carnage!
Currently playing on a PS4 PRO and using two old laptops to stream. Trying to get a PS5 and a better computer for streaming so any support shown via donations & subs is much appreciated!


Liam Ellis

Lead Moderator

On twitch he is known as xxchuckles141xx also known as Liam. Liam was born in the North East of England in Newcastle upon Tyne, Growing up he was diagnosed with ADHD, it got him into alot of trouble at times especially throughout school and collage. Looking at him now, he has calmed alot since then, and tries to focus on positivity, to keep his spirits high. Liam has recently been diagnosed with the chronic condition of Multiple sclerosis (ms) this is a condition that effects the brain and the nurves. Liams interests include Marvel, Tomb raider, Music and cosplay, there has been a few times chuckles has dressed up for comic-cons and even done some birthday parties dressed as spiderman or deadpool.


Marti Martin

Assistant lead moderator

Hi my friends and colleagues call me DP or Marti. As far as I know I am the oldest gamer in the group. But I'm a big kid at heart and love playing and streaming. I do work full time so unfortunately only get to stream and play at weekends or if I'm on holiday. I am a stage 3 lung cancer ♋ survivor. But unfortunately have been left with a few side effects of the treatment. I ended up having a mini stroke and being diagnosed with CFS M.E. Which if you don't know is Chronic fatigue syndrome and muscle weakness. Joining this team has helped me meet some great people and take my mind off things.


Joel Scrivner


My name is Joel, I am 27, and have a wonderful 10 year old girl. 
I work full time in the financial services, and play games in my spare time. 
Realistically I only play COD, mainly in a competitive format whether that’s in a ranked play system or in custom lobbies, more recently I have been playing public matches. I am down to play with anyone! Just drop me a message and if I have space we’ll grab you


Scott Patterson


Name - Scott 
Live - Chester le street Co Durham

Been gaming every since the Sega mega drive and streaming since lockdown 2019. I love entertaining people talking to different backgrounds and different cultures but most importantly I love bringing people together building bond and making friend last which then later advances to family

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